The Rider Review Committee evaluates the use of the Anti-Racism Touring Rider on a bi-annual basis, updating the rider to reflect touring needs. All members of the committee are committed to implementing the rider and all actions from its first publication date, June 2021. For feedback on the rider and checklist, please contact the Committee.

Amanda Huxtable
Leo Wan
Touring Companies
English Touring Theatre – Richard Twyman
HighTide – Hannah Dunne
New Earth Theatre – Lian Wilkinson
Tamasha – Debo Adebayo
HOME Manchester – Jon Gilchrist
Sheffield Theatres – Dan Bates

Further names will be released and the rider updated. 50% of the committee will stand down after Year 1, following the data report from Inc Arts and reviews to the rider. New members will be volunteered to the committee. Subsequently an annual 50% turnover of committee members will ensure inclusivity, lack of gatekeeping and collective ownership. It also ensures the rider remains a live and responsive document.

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