Use and Implementation


We have compiled the Rider with the aim that it is applicable to any touring show/company, irrespective of scale and remit. We acknowledge that organisations may be at different stages in their own anti-racism work.

The Anti-Racism Touring Rider covers actions to be used as a baseline leading up to touring. The Rider reflects suggestions, thoughts and contributions from hundreds of people in our sector – touring companies, freelancers, venues and partners. The Rider details baseline activity in its commitments, so readers may find that many commitments are already being actioned in their operations and/or internal policies.

Many actions may be given as standard, but both parties will seek to action all commitments, either in full, or (where both parties agree) in line with their own level of resource/capacity with a commitment of improvement.

It is understood that readers will interpret the actions to reflect their level of resource and capacity and feedback any actions that are hard to implement. However, all readers are committing to actively exploring, discussing and growing their commitments to keep the momentum of the Rider alive in their organisation and/or work practice.


Organisations and individuals who wish to adopt the rider are invited to download the document (including all access versions) and to put a statement on their website which says (something similar to) ‘we have adopted the Anti Racism Rider as an important statement of intent and will work with colleagues from across the industry to implement this. As a working venue/company/artist [delete as appropriate], we/I have made a commitment over the next (up to 2) years to meet the baseline actions of the rider.’

A square logo can be downloaded here
A logo without the subheading can be downloaded here
A landscape logo can be downloaded here

As well as posting your involvement on your website and social media, register your sign up here


Inc Arts have included specific question about the rider in their Unlock Toolkit:

Unlock, the anti-racism toolkit

Data gathered there will be shared by the committee after year one and used to make additions and changes to the rider.

As this document is people-focused, it will evolve according to need. It is a living document, responding to the people it serves and the touring environment, updated on a regular basis by a review committee. We understand that measures may take time to enforce, so signing up to the rider can signal the intent of anti-racism action. At the same time, the rider is not an end point, and organisations and companies are committed to pushing themselves beyond this baseline where they can.

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